3motionAI and the Diamond Allegiance Announce Partnership 

3motionAI, an industry leader in human motion analysis, is excited to announce its partnership with the Diamond Allegiance, an alliance of elite-level travel baseball organizations that utilize partnerships, technology, and philanthropy to drive player development and better value for players, parents, coaches, and organizations. 

Through its 3D-NeuroNet Engine, 3motionAI allows organizations like Diamond Allegiance to innovate on its customer solutions continually. The Diamond Allegiance embeds the steep analytics insight generated through 3motionAI’s 3D-NeuroNet Engine into their CURVE platform to generate the CURVE Score, a simple number that is an aggregation of mobility, movement and power for each individual player and focuses on player development. This incorporation will provide the Diamond Allegiance with critical insights to improve player performance for all ages. 

“AI technology and lab-grade biomechanics insights are typically accessible to organizations with vast capital and technical resources,” said Reed Hanoun, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3motionAI. “Our goal is to provide the Diamond Allegiance access to low-cost lab-grade data analysis, allowing instant assessment of a player’s performance –easily secured from a cell phone, allowing data gathering anytime, anywhere.” 

By embedding 3motionAI’s 3D-NeuroNet technology, the Diamond Allegiance combines state-of-the-art human motion technology with premium on-field instruction to ensure that baseball’s next generation of players receives top-of-the-line development. 

“This implementation of 3motionAI’s 3D-NeuroNET is a game-changer for the development of all the players within our ecosystem,” said Matt Gerber, Head of Player and Business Development of the Diamond Allegiance. “This technology will provide our staff with insights to provide each player with a comprehensive evaluation. Our organization and our players will benefit tremendously from this partnership.” 

About 3motionAI 
3motionAI helps progressive companies analyze human motion and neurocognitive function, delivering deep analytic insights for sports, physical therapy, medical care, personal fitness, active aging, and workplace health. It provides cutting-edge technologies supporting its partners’ products and services. 3motionAI’s robust, validated, and scalable patent-pending human motion platform enables partners to easily integrate and unlock new biomechanics and mental analysis capabilities that maximize their customer’s human performance needs. For more information, visit www.3motionAI.com.  

About the Diamond Allegiance 
The Diamond Allegiance is a group of powerful travel baseball organizations that run better businesses, augment their player development capabilities, provide more career opportunities for coaches, reduce the cost for families and players, and increase the participation of underrepresented communities. They drive this impact through a powerful mix of partnerships, services, technology, and philanthropy. For more information, visit https://www.diamondallegiance.com 

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