AI technology is now available for human performance at home, work and play


3motionAI officially launches its innovative 3DNeuroNET Engine TM. This powerful AI-based platform applies intelligence to raw human performance data, providing instant actionable insights through easy-to-assess outcomes and form factors. The use of AI and Computer Vision has limitless applications and is currently automating nearly every industry sector.  

The 3motionAI difference: 

  • A human profile library containing movement assessment modules spanning four (4) main categories: functional movement, range of motion, sports assessment, and specialty tasks.  
  • Our proprietary Activity Specific 3DNeuroNET Engine TM., applied for each task creates a comprehensive movement profile, all from a single video captured with a mobile device.   
  • This library is continually expanding, intending to span into every human activity type. We evaluate generalized motion through our “general assessment” 3DNeuroNET Engine TM.. This general model drives our Workplace Risk Assessment module, which enables customers to glean critical information from non-specific workplace tasks.     

With the release of the 3motion’s 3DNeuroNET Engine TM, companies in the human performance space can integrate AI automation through API’s and an SDK. This flexibility allows for quick availability, thus elevating products and solutions without the costs and complexity associated with adapting computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence into their applications.  

The use cases for 3motionAI insights are vast and solutions are being deployed across the spectrum. Sports performance providers, including companies like PeloteroHitTrax, and the Diamond Allegiance, continue to push their capabilities with 3MotionAI analysis. Healthcare services leverage insights for improved rehab and patient experiences demonstrated through partners such as PT Genie, – and insights deployed in workplace scenarios, including risk analysis and worker safety, with partners such as Benchmark ESG

“Our partners and collaborators validate the technology that allows for a comprehensive evaluation centered on the individual, empowering our integration partners to detect risk to prevent injury and improve performance, even at a professional level, like we have been doing in professional Baseball,” said Mr. Hanoun. “This enables partners of 3motionAI to answer their customers’ question, ‘Am I performing at my best at home, work, or play?'”