Movement is Life

Harness the Power of Movement Intelligence Hidden in Videos

Unleash Your Full Potential: Enhancing Performance through Cutting-Edge Human Motion Analysis by 3motionAI.

Discover the power of 3motionAI – our cutting-edge AI technology analyzes human motion videos, extracting crucial data for performance and injury risk insights. With the 3DNeuroNet Engine, we enhance performance across domains. Choose seamless integration with our SDK or white-label web app.

Achieve your goals with state-of-the-art motion analysis.

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Effortlessly capture, upload, and process live videos.

Analyze previously recorded videos using the 3motionAI App, powered by our advanced AI technology, for valuable performance insights.

Performance enhancement across domains.

Unlock the full potential of your performance with our powerful 3DNeuroNet Engine, designed to elevate performance in various environments.

Diverse library of human motions.

Access our extensive library of human movements, covering sports, workplace performance, healthy aging, and more.

Flexible integration options.

Seamlessly integrate our powerful 3DNeuroNet Engine using our SDK or opt for our white-label web app for a customized, branded experience tailored to your needs.

Lightning quick. Incredibly accurate.

Supercharged motion analysis right at your fingertips. Deploy quickly with our SDK or use the 3motionAI app + web portal.

Motion analysis is our game. Anywhere. Anytime.

Enabled by our AI powered technology, you’ll have access to unrivalled motion analysis software for any human activity.

Enhance your ability to gain informative image data, all in real-time, or with pre-recorded videos.

Markerless motion technology at scale. No special hardware, sensors, or wearables required.

3motionAI empowers businesses, sports teams, healthcare providers, and more with the power of intelligent data via our 3DNeuroNet Engine.

Easily, and at low cost, embed motion intelligence into any product or solution.  

Accelerated time to market.

Our SDK and APIs enable quick and low-cost deployment of AI-based human motion at scale, saving customers the considerable expense of years of engineering and investment in clinical resources.

De-risking your business while supporting go to market strategies, we deliver innovation that supports both physical and mental analysis.

Built on science.

3motionAI combines its API platform with 15 years of science and research data, bridging the connection between body and mind, thereby creating better outcomes.