Empowering Optimal Performance and Safety Across Industries.

Our 3DNeuroNet engine empowers organizations across various markets by delivering critical insights into movement patterns, helping to prevent injuries, optimize performance, and enhance overall health and safety.​

Workplace Safety & Risk​

  • Use RiskAI Flashlight for instant scanning and risk mitigation.​

  • Access detailed risk scores and mitigation strategies via the RiskAI Dashboard.​

  • Reduce injuries and related costs, enhancing productivity and lowering insurance premiums.

Injury Support & Health Services​

  • Utilize advanced tools for detailed screenings, creating personalized treatment strategies based on each client’s unique needs.​

  • Assess patient’s physical capabilities and limitations to deliver precise and effective care.​

  • Equip patients with valuable resources to better understand their conditions and treatment options, improving outcomes.

Sports & Fitness Performance​

  • Access instant, lab-grade biomechanical insights without extra equipment or high costs.​

  • Use precise data to develop customized programs that enhance performance and reduce injury risks.​

  • Quickly incorporate 3motionAi into your existing systems to enhance and expand training capabilities.

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Workplace Ergonomics

  • A self-administered video-guided assessment of a traditional office workstation eliminates the need for an ergonomist or health and safety supervisor to be present.
  • The assessment targets ten workstation components, including the chair, worksurface, keyboard, monitors, and other peripheral interactions.

Brain & Cognitive Dynamics

  • In under 10 minutes, the user is guided through four test conditions that challenge cognitive-motor integration.
  • The solution detects cognitive-motor impairments in those with a history of mild traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment, those at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, or those with brain injury from repeated military low-level blast exposure.

Industries we serve:


Active & Healthy Aging

  • Active aging
  • Mental agility 


Healthcare Delivery

  • Physical Therapy tracking (MSK)
  • Pre-and-post rehab assessment
  • Cognitive abilities baseline & assessment
  • Range of motion assessment (MSD)


Fitness & Wellness

  • Fitness & flexibility testing


Sports Performance

  • Sports safety
  • Cognitive abilities baseline & assessment
  • Return-to-play assessment
  • Gaming performance
  • Sports performance



  • Risk mitigation and fraud
  • Employee safety & training
  • Workplace safety & injury assessment
  • Cognitive abilities & baseline assessment
  • Return to work assessment
  • Office/home workstation ergonomics assessment
  • Risk profile management