Try HitTrax Biomechanics for Free!

We are excited to announce the official release of HitTrax Biomechanics – the next level of analysis for your hitters.

All HitTrax Pro purchases made this month will receive a free 30-day trial!

This new module is a powerful collaboration between HitTrax and the folks at 3motionAI. The result of integrating the two technologies delivers the unprecedented combination of swing mechanics and ball data. Not to mention, this is all captured purely through the integrated HitTrax VCAM. No need for wearable sensors or mo-cap labs, you now have fully integrated body movement data at the click of a button.

As an example, you are now able to measure the hitter’s shoulder rotation throughout the swing or at the exact moment of impact, along with the corresponding pitch location and resulting exit velo/launch angle. This allows the coach to easily quantify the impact of body movements and timing with a numerical representation of the swing, overlayed with the video.

The HitTrax Biomechanics module initially offers the following metrics:

  • Shoulder vs. Pelvis (rotation and angular velocities)
  • Sequencing of Pelvis, Shoulders, and Hands
  • Head Movement
  • Forward and Side Bend of Torso
  • Center of Mass
  • Stride and Stance
  • Lower Extremity Measurements (Knees, Feet)

Check out the video below to see the intuitive interface allowing you to view (and scrub frame-by-frame) the video of the swing, a 3D skeleton, numerical and graphical results of the swing mechanics, as well as all of the HitTrax data that you are used to seeing.

Contact [email protected] to speak with a rep or inquire about adding HitTrax to your program today!