Human movement analysis that moves your business.

We measure how humans move, everywhere they move – at home, work and play.

We help organizations build systems for measuring human motion and delivering meaningful insights through digital kinesiology.

We create cutting-edge technologies alongside our partners to help build reliable and scalable systems to move your business forward.

Our robust biomechanics and neurocognitive technologies and thoroughly tested methods will help you and your clients stay in motion.

3MotionAI's platform enables the most innovative performance and health companies.

We develop the most innovative, trusted human motion data capture solution for the world's most innovative and progressive companies, helping them unlock true human performance.

For Sports Performance​

Maximize an athlete's performance and move them to the next level with validated biomechanics data you can use to win. ​

For Physical Therapy

Easily assess and track pre and post-surgery progress with video analysis and kinematics reporting. ​

For Personal Fitness

Accessible anywhere - at home and at the gym - through cell phone video, bringing biomechanics to everyone.

An evolutionary feature within your application to secure retention and growth in a competitive market.

For Active Aging

Measure and assess movements, and identify patterns related to functional degradation.

Quickly assess brain function in health, disease, or injury, and strengthen brain networks to prevent and treat functional decline​.

For Workplace Health

Reduce risk and injury, saving money and time in any workplace.

Use mobile video to precisely capture jobs and tasks to report on safe work practices and job demands.

Evolution is already in the making at these organizations.

3MotionAI is solving problems within the motion capture and human movement technology space.

Lab quality, cutting-edge technology in the palm of your hand.

Real life scenarios can be captured at work, home or play. Access to biomechanics and neurocognitive technologies add to your revenue instead of draining it.

Activity-specific data makes it easier to gain insights in real-time.

We deliver calculated, relevant, and specific insights that you can use to scale and engage your end users.

Stay tech-current and on top of innovative technology.

3MotionAI works closely with you to keep you in the game and provide maximum value while maintaining your profitability.

3MotionAI's platform architecture is designed for rapid and simple integration.

Direct Access to Data

API access gives you a direct connection to researched, validated biomechanical analysis and feedback in minutes.

Upload directly

Have the expertise without the bulk. Easily available and user-friendly motion capture uploaded with your cell phone, no body marker systems or wearable technology. Lab results, without the lab.

Share from the 3MotionAI Platform

Upload the captured video to the 3MotionAI platform for instant model and AI Analysis. You can now interact with healthcare professionals, trainers, coaches, and employers in a trusted, secure, data-rich environment that is easy to use and understand.

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