Human movement analyses that moves your business.

We measure how humans move, everywhere they move – at home, work and play.

We help organizations build systems for measuring human motion and delivering meaningful insights through digital kinesiology.

We create cutting-edge technologies alongside our partners to help build reliable and scalable systems to move your business forward.

Our robust biomechanics and neurocognitive technologies and our thoroughly tested methods will help you and your clients stay in motion.

3MotionAI's platform enables the most innovative performance and health companies.

We develop the most innovative, trusted human motion data capture solution for the world's most innovative and progressive companies, helping them unlock true human performance.

For Sports Performance

When your users and instructors need to get to the next level of performance, 3MotionsAI's easy to use video capture and assessment provides the tools and data to maximize athlete performance.

For Physical Therapy

Easy to capture video and assessment means no barrier to determining and assessing and tracking physical progress from injuries or pre and post surgery.

For Personal Fitness

Personal fitness applications and in-home training applications are exploding. 3MotionAI can be the essential unique and distinguishing feature within your application to ensure growth and retention.

For Workplace Health

Using any mobile device or video source, 3MotionAI's technology platform can provide a precise virtual evaluation of human motion and specific movements for any workplace scenario reducing overall risk and employee injury.

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3MotionAI addresses the challenges existing motion capture and analysis technologies present.

Expensive and hard to access.

Human motion assessment is expensive and hard to access. Remote evaluation is expensive and hard to access, building a significant void in the marketplace for helping companies maximize their capabilities.

Impossible to Mine Data

The lack of activity-specific motion analysis in traditional assessments makes it impossible to mine data, acquire insights, share knowledge, and deliver predictive insight in real-time and at scale. We deliver deep, relevant, and specific insights to users.

Innovation Challenge

The companies we serve operate in their specific industries and need to continuously develop new, innovative technologies to provide the users maximum value while maintaining their profitability. Technology development is a difficult, full-time job and requires specialized talent to deliver results that can be commercialized with a good ROI.

3MotionAI's platform is architected for rapid and simple integration.

We develop the most innovative, trusted human motion data capture solution for the world's most innovative and progressive companies, helping them unlock true human performance.

Research Grade Analysis

Receive research-grade biomechanical assessment with analysis and feedback in minutes.

Easy Video Capture

Capture any video activity from a mobile phone without using costly and hard to use body marker systems or labs. Remove the guesswork, rigorous human interaction, time consuming labs, and expensive payments.

Upload to the 3MotionAI Platform

Upload the captured video to the 3MotionAI platform for instant model and AI Analysis. Provide an ability to interact with healthcare professionals, trainers, coaches, and employers in a trusted, secure data-rich environment that is easy to use and understand.

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