Maximize Performance, Minimize Risk​

Advanced Insights for Optimal Performance and Injury Prevention

Traditional methods of analyzing human movement are costly and inefficient. 3motionAI uses advanced AI and computer vision to deliver precise insights from any video, enhancing performance and preventing injuries cost-effectively.

Improving workplace safety standards with AI
Physical medicine & rehabilitation using AI
Athlete performance training techniques using AI


Use a mobile device to see real-time injury risk alerts and performance indicators.

Physiotherapy solutions with Artificial Intelligence
Benefits of sports performance training using AI


Advanced analysis provides deeper insights to enhance performance, guide risk, and track progress on your phone or in the web portal.

Workplace Health and Safety best practices with AI
Pediatric physical therapy powered by AI
Softball training equipment essentials with AI


AI insights predict optimal performance and provide appropriate interventions to maximize the function available. PDF reports and detailed video overlays.

Capture real time movement data with a mobile device, assess for performance and risk insights, and use AI to predict optimal performance and recommend interventions.

Identify and Mitigate Movement Risks

Understanding movement patterns and their associated risks is crucial for preventing injuries. 3motionAI uses advanced AI and computer vision to analyze movement from any video, providing insights that help mitigate risks in various environments—from workplaces to sports fields.

Enhance Performance Through Precise Movement Analysis

3motionAI leverages AI to deliver precise insights into human movement, enhancing performance in sports, fitness, and everyday activities. Our technology uses your mobile device to capture and analyze movement, providing actionable data for improvement.

Track Progress and Outcomes with Advanced Analytics

Our 3DNeuroNet Engine provides continuous insights into movement patterns, helping track progress and outcomes over time. This advanced AI engine adapts and learns, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date data for optimizing performance and preventing injuries.


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