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3motionAI - Elevating Player Development with Advanced Insights
With a Single Mobile App

3motionAI Baseball Analytics: Elevating Player Development with Advanced Insights and Seamless Biomechanics Integration with a Single Mobile App

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Unleash Excellence: Transform Player Development with the 3motionAI Baseball App

Revolutionize player development with the 3motionAI Baseball App, unlocking advanced features and detailed performance analysis.

Leverage existing data for in-depth insights, seamlessly collect biomechanics anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone

Enhance player strategy beyond pitching and hitting with Functional Analysis, Performance Analysis, and Range of Motion data—making it an indispensable resource for on and off-season training.

Evaluate Full Player Potential

Dive deeper into player profiles, evaluating strength, velocity, power, and agility for a comprehensive understanding of your team's capabilities.


Optimizing pitch performance through precise trunk rotation, forward tilt, and rapid knee extension speed maximizes power and accuracy, creating a formidable athlete on the field.​


Evaluating multi-segment rotation in hitting movements refines technique, maximizing power and precision in every swing.​

Lateral Bound

The lateral bound assessment uncovers an athlete's lateral explosiveness, an essential skill for agility, change of direction, and overall performance excellence.​

Vertical Jump

Analyzing the vertical jump offers crucial insights into an athlete's explosive power, a fundamental asset for various sports and athletic endeavors.

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Some of my driving principles when evaluating partners is: do they provide objective data, can we scale the technology, and is there a deliverable for our athletes? 3motionAI checks all of those boxes.

This tool helps us take the guesswork out of how our interventions impact player development, and long-term development.

3motionAI is an impressive piece of technology. Biomechanics data helps us train our athletes more effectively. Previously acquiring that information required costly equipment, lengthy interventions, and stripping off your clothes.

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