3motionAI Joins National Safety Council TechHub Marketplace 

Easily Connecting Companies to 3motionAI’s Advanced Video-Sourced Motion Analytics Solutions  3motionAI_Toronto, January 16, 2024 – 3motionAI today announced it is now being featured in the TechHub Marketplace, a new searchable online directory created by the National Safety Council to streamline the process for companies seeking technology providers best suited to address their unique safety risks.  […]

Benchmark Gensuite® and 3motionAI partnership enhances the Ergo Evaluator application to enable video-based ergonomic assessments using Computer Vision AI.

Benchmark Gensuite® partners with 3motionAI to simplify the use of AI-powered computer vision to automate ergonomics assessment and guidance in the workplace. Benchmark Gensuite Ergo Evaluator users can conduct Ergo assessments using standardized checklists and/or computer vision AI video analysis. Ergo Evaluator’s capability to track follow-up actions, which can be exported to the Action Tracking […]

Psychosocial Screening – ID the Risk early in Return to Work

Psychosocial screening early in the Return to Work process is critical to understand factors that impact injured workers. These factors play a critical role in the ability of injured or ill workers to recover in a timely way. They also make transitioning back to meaningful work difficult. Clinicians call this the biopsychosocial model of illness. […]

Return to Work Expedited with MyAbilities

How is Return to Work expedited? MyAbilities recognized that the Return to Work (RTW) process for many employers and their claims managers has not fundamentally changed in decades. MyAbilities developed a new process to help expedite RTW over the last 3 years. The goals are to get employees back to work faster and to reduce […]

JobX Digital Job Profiles – The Value for Employers

Job profiles, also known as job descriptions or physical demands analyses, are critically important for employers. Unfortunately, many companies do not have accurate and comprehensive job profiles. They may: All of this puts the employer at a major disadvantage and even at risk. The Benefits Firstly, let’s discuss the benefits. JobX Digital Job Profile (DJP) […]

Functional job descriptions: Why do you need them?

Beth Burry – AVP, clinical ops, Sedgwick field case management and return to work As every manager knows, job descriptions are a necessary tool to help match the most appropriate and qualified candidates to job postings, while weeding out ‘unqualified’ candidates. This means many job descriptions are written to exclude candidates in the application process […]

Video Kinematics Produces Physical Job Demand Descriptions on Steroids

BY AMAXX / Michael B. Stack How familiar are you with the physical demands of every job in your company? That may sound like a loaded question, but the more understanding you have of each job, the better you’ll be at preventing injuries, reducing workers’ compensation costs and improving your bottom line. However, many companies face […]

Work Habits Impact Bodies

BY BENEFITS AND PENSIONS MONITOR Many do not realize the impact work habits have on their physical bodies with incorrectly placed or improperly sized equipment causing injuries which can result in time off work, depending on insurance and benefits, and could mean lost wages, says Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of MyAbilities. It works with […]