3motionAI Joins National Safety Council TechHub Marketplace 

Easily Connecting Companies to 3motionAI’s Advanced Video-Sourced Motion Analytics Solutions 

3motionAI_Toronto, January 16, 2024 – 3motionAI today announced it is now being featured in the TechHub Marketplace, a new searchable online directory created by the National Safety Council to streamline the process for companies seeking technology providers best suited to address their unique safety risks. 

Any company interested in adopting safety technology can browse the NSC TechHub Marketplace. 3motionAI has a listing page that is easily filterable based on technology type, issues we address, applications, and more. The site also contains insights, including white papers and webinars, on the latest research and developments in the field. 

“At NSC, we often work directly with companies to identify technologies that would reduce risk in their workplaces,” said Emily Whitcomb, director of innovation at the National Safety Council. “With the TechHub Marketplace, NSC can take employers through the next logical step and offer technology provider options. This is a game changer in our process to save lives.” 

3motionAI is pioneering a transformative solution that redefines workplace safety and employee well-being. By objectively measuring critical factors like biomechanics, posture, repetition, and manual material handling, our 3DNeuroNet technology empowers organizations to shift from reactive to proactive safety practices. With a particular focus on overexertion injuries that cost employers over $12.8 billion in direct expenses and lead to chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and reduced mobility, 3motionAI is not just transforming workplace safety; it’s enhancing the quality of life for employees and reshaping the future of work.  

“We’re honored to join the NSC TechHub Marketplace, recognizing our commitment to reshaping workplace safety,” said Reed Hanoun, CEO of 3motionAI. “This inclusion highlights the value of our 3DNeuroNet technology, which enables proactive safety practices. Our recent NSC Technology Innovation Award win reinforces our dedication to innovation. We’re excited to connect with companies seeking cutting-edge safety solutions, contributing to safer workplaces and saving lives.”  

To learn more, visit the TechHub Marketplace at https://www.nsc.org/techhub/profile/3motionai 

About 3motionAI
3motionAI is pioneering the use of AI and video to analyze activity-specific human movement, fueling innovation across various work, home, or play applications. The company’s 3DNeuroNet engine is the world’s most advanced embeddable AI technology for analyzing activity-specific human movement via video at scale and low cost. 3motionAI is a privately held, Toronto-based company founded by experienced healthcare and technology innovators.   

About the National Safety Council 
NSC is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate – and has been for 110 years. As a mission-based organization, we work to eliminate the leading causes of preventable death and injury, focusing our efforts on the workplace, roadway and impairment. We create a culture of safety to not only keep people safer at work, but also beyond the workplace so they can live their fullest lives. http://www.nsc.org/techhub