Motion Analysis Company 3motionAI Launches Computer Vision Platform, 3DNeuroNET Engine

By SportTechie / Joe Lemire

Motion analysis company 3motionAI recently launched 3DNeuroNET Engine, its computer vision platform that can power movement assessments across a wide variety of use cases. 

Toronto-based 3motionAI debuted with ProPlayAI, a smartphone-based pitching biomechanics motion capture evaluation, and is now offering a single-camera solution more broadly for other apps and products to integrate via API and SDK. The 3DNeuroNET Engine contains a human profile library with four main categories of analysis: functional movement, range of motion, sports assessment and specialty tasks.

Some early adoptions in sports include baseball hitting biomechanics via HitTrax and Pelotero as well as functional movement screen in Diamond Allegiance’s new player development app, Curve. The 3DNeuroNET Engine can also be applied to healthcare and workplace environments where it has had early traction with PT Genie and Benchmark ESG. One of 3motionAI’s early investors is Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Nate Pearson. Among the other white label motion capture providers is Asensei through its (App)erture product.