3motionAI Partners with Insurate to Enhance Safety Analytics for High-Hazard Industries

March 26, 2024 Toronto, ON – 3motionAI, a leading provider of AI-driven Human Performance Analysis company, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Insurate, a revolutionary platform designed to modernize workers’ compensation for high-hazard industries. This collaboration, in conjunction with the United States Industrial Safety Association (USISA), an innovation hub safety solution, represents a significant leap forward in safety analytics and innovation.

Insurate will integrate 3MotionAI’s cutting-edge MSK injury risk analytics into their robust Safe-Tier™ Index (STI), further enhancing their risk management solution tools provided through the USISA. By combining Insurate’s expertise with 3MotionAI’s technology, the partnership will promote musculoskeletal health, employee well-being, and injury prevention through early risk triage and remediation related to work design and employee performance.

We are thrilled to join forces with Insurate to empower high-hazard industries with AI-based technology for the early detection of injury risk using a mobile phone,” said Reed Hanoun CEO of 3motionAI.

As the Chief Safety Officer of Insurate, Abby Ferri, CSP, ARM, brings extensive experience and expertise in safety analytics to the partnership. With a focus on modernizing workers’ compensation and incentivizing safety, Abby is committed to enhancing workplace safety and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

The collaboration between 3motionAI and Insurate, supported by the USISA, signifies a significant advancement in safety management for high-hazard industries. Employers and their employees will benefit from a powerful tool to enhance safety performance and reduce the human and economic cost of injury.

About Insurate:
Insurate is a revolutionary platform designed to modernize workers’ compensation for high-hazard industries and incentivize safer work practices. The innovative technology provides businesses with real-time insights into safety performance and proactive strategies for mitigating workplace injuries. With a mission to promote safer work environments, Insurate is transforming safety management for high-risk industries.
For more information about Insurate, please visit  https://www.insurate.com/home.html

About USISA:
The USISA, is passionate about supporting America’s blue-collar workforce and their families. While we can’t change the nature of dangerous work, we can make it less hazardous through enhanced workplace safety. In addition to risk control support, USISA members and their families also have exclusive access to the MyBenefitsWork™ program. This national Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) empowers families with access to health care services and products at pre-negotiated discounted rates on services like prescription savings, as well as vision and dental care.
For more information about USISA, please visit https://theusisa.com/

About 3motion.AI:
3motionAI is a leading provider of artificial intelligence-driven analytics of human performance at home, work and play.  Our innovative platform leverages advanced analytics technology to provide businesses with actionable insights for optimizing safety performance and mitigating workplace injuries. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, 3motionAI is dedicated to shaping the future of safety management.
For more information about 3motionAI please visit https://3motionai.com/