Try HitTrax Biomechanics for Free!

We are excited to announce the official release of HitTrax Biomechanics – the next level of analysis for your hitters. All HitTrax Pro purchases made this month will receive a free 30-day trial! This new module is a powerful collaboration between HitTrax and the folks at 3motionAI. The result of integrating the two technologies delivers […]

Pitch Clocks in 2022 

I’m writing this article differently than my last one, because I don’t want to be accused of lacking nuance by other baseball writers. I mean, when you see convincing results – ones which are completely backed by just basic logic, I’d think you would probably be ok to just not go down that route, but, […]

Reimagining Baseball Training

TORONTO Innovative app- ProPlayAI uses data-driven metrics to improve player performance Every day, kids are practicing to get better at the game they love. They take instruction from coaches, run through drills, do exercises, and get advice on nutrition. Maybe their families go a little further to get them in specialized training programs designed to […]

A Sticky Situation

Baseball is implementing a ban on sticky substances, those designed to give pitchers a better grip on the ball, but also to increase the spin rate on their pitches. This boost in spin rate makes it harder for hitters to do their job – with pitches moving more than they should and ending up in […]

Constraint Training – PitchAI Webinar #6 Recap

Since the start of 2021, 18,000 Player Accounts have been created through the PitchAI portal and our partners’ platforms. PitchAI subscribers get exclusive access to our community Slack channel and webinar series. Create an account today to join us as we bring the next frontier of baseball analytics into the hands of coaches, athletes, and […]

PitchAI – A Scout’s best friend

Every year, scouts descend on high school and college stadiums, and try to project how these athletes will turn into elite talent at the major league level. Bringing in technologies like TrackMan and Rapsodo are allowing scouts to get more and more information on these pitchers, including their velocity and spin rates. This makes for […]

Fast Forward – The Nate Pearson Story

Nate Pearson, one of the co-founders of ProPlayAI, was featured in a Sportsnet story about his development and the pursuit of the fastest pitch of all time. You can see a cameo of ProPlayAI in the first few minutes, and a guest appearance from our Chief Scientist, Dr. Mike Sonne throughout. Check it out here: […]

What are we measuring with PitchAI?

Let me take you back to when I started to get interested in the biomechanics of pitching – 2008, I just started my Master’s in Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor, and there was a Sports Illustrated article on Tim Lincecum – citing Glenn Fleisig and his breakdown of the pitching delivery. At the […]

How training in isolation is shaping the future of MLB player development

ProPlayAI was featured recently in a Sportsnet article discussing the future of MLB player development. Mike Sonne will be appearing on the Sportsnet 590 The Fan on Saturday June 20 at 3:25 pm EDT to talk more about how we’re using ProPlayAI to get athletes ready for the upcoming season.