3motionAI Extends Partnership with Driveline Baseball, Pioneering AI-Enhanced Player Performance Analysis for Three More Years 

Toronto – January 5, 2023 – 3motionAI, a pioneer in AI-powered analysis of human movement, today announced that they have extended their partnership with Driveline Baseball for another three years. Driveline will continue to invest in its advancements of markerless motion capture using 3motionAI’s breakthrough AI-powered software. With this ongoing technology partnership, Driveline enables remote player performance tracking through single-camera capture for its TRAQ customers, gaining actionable insights to enhance players’ on-field competitiveness. 

“Modern data analytics, which is at the core of every professional sports program today, is undergoing a sea change, and 3MotionAI has been a leader in this field,” said Max Engelbrekt, Director of Product Management. “With 3motionAI’s 3DNeuroNet engine, Driveline’s TRAQ Customers can review new video or upload an existing video of a player’s swing, pitch, or other performance, assess it, and instantly gain fresh insights that can be applied without relying on costly biomechanists or sports scientists for performance evaluations.” 

3motionAI 3DNeuroNet Engine: How it works 

The company’s 3DNeuroNet engine, embedded in many popular third-party applications, extracts critical data insights from video. It provides contextual insights that can be leveraged to help users improve their performance, safety, health, and wellness across various work, home, and play environments. For example, its PitchAI and HItAI solutions, designed for the baseball market, are available via mobile app for baseball players of all ages, enabling coaches and other users to easily capture or upload high-speed video of a player’s pitching using their smartphones to gain instant insights to help improve the player’s performance. 

The power of 3motionAI further enables:   

  • Coaches to unlock additional features and detailed performance analysis, making it an invaluable resource for advanced player development for both on- and off-season training.  
  • Users to gather critical biomechanics data anytime, anywhere – from drills in the bullpen to the field.  
  • Organizations to create player strategy beyond pitching and hitting by integrating insights and creating a complete player profile with Functional Analysis, Performance Analysis, and Range of Motion data.  

About 3motionAI

3motionAI is pioneering the use of AI and video to analyze activity-specific human movement, fueling innovation across various work, home, or play applications. The company’s 3DNeuroNet engine is the world’s most advanced embeddable AI technology for analyzing activity-specific human movement via video at scale and low cost. 3motionAI is a privately held, Toronto-based company founded by experienced healthcare and technology innovators.  For more information, visit 3motion.ai 

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