3MotionAI and Movella Announce Partnership

A partnership that will take 3MotionAI’s innovative PitchAI app to broader markets

TORONTO, Ont. — 3MotionAI has forged a partnership with  Movella’s Kinduct Athlete Management System to help spread its innovative PitchAI baseball pitching platform around the world.

Using its existing network of global sales representatives and distribution channels, Movella will support the launch and business development of PitchAI — a technology that allows for accurate, validated biomechanical data to be captured by a smartphone camera anywhere, rather than with a fixed camera apparatus in a biomechanical lab.

“Optical motion capture labs are costly, require specialized technicians and are not accessible by the masses,” says Reed Hanoun, CEO of 3MotionAI. “Our technology puts that kind of analysis on your smartphone, and with Kinduct’s Athlete Management System, athletes will have a one-stop repository of all the information they need for player development and overall performance.”

Used by more than 550 professional and elite sports teams, Kinduct Athlete Management System consolidates athlete performance, wellness and injury-related data. By consolidating often-siloed data, Kinduct’s AMS empowers coaches and trainers to make informed decisions that save time and optimize results. Kinduct platform  is integrated with more than 50 integrated technologies, and offers player compliance dashboards, data visualization reports, and customizable training and rehab program capabilities.

“Bringing together Kinduct athlete data collection tools with the specialized biomechanical analysis of PitchAI is an ideal match,” says Travis McDonough, President of Movella Canada and VP of Business Development, Sports & Health. “Combined, we can offer a complete picture of what is happening during practice as well as on the mound, helping coaches and scouts make better determinations and showing players where and how they can improve.”

Learn more about PitchAI at www.proplayai.com

About 3MotionAI

Based in Toronto, 3MotionAI helps progressive companies capture and analyze human motion and neurocognitive function, delivering deep analytics for sports, physical therapy, medical care, personal fitness, active ageing and workplace health.

We deliver, cutting-edge technologies supporting our partners products and services. 3MotionAI’s robust, validated, and scalable patent pending human motion technologies enable our partners to unlock new biomechanics and mental analysis capabilities that maximize their customer’s human performance needs.

About Kinduct

Kinduct supports athletic, medical and tactical organizations around the world. Our clients include professional and national sporting organizations, health authorities and associations, and military and special forces groups. Kinduct’s cloud-based solution consolidates human performance and injury data to improve workflow for thousands of coaches, doctors and trainers, while helping optimize the health and performance of athletes, patients, and tactical personnel. Kinduct is also integrated with many world-leading wearables, assessment and data collection technologies, turning rich data into powerful insights. Visit www.kinduct.com to learn more.

About Movella 

Movella™ is a full-stack hardware, software, and data analytics company created by the consolidation of mCube, Xsens, and Kinduct. Movella is a global innovator of advanced technologies and products that sense, capture and analyze all aspects of movement. Movella serves the entertainment, sports, health, and industrial markets by capturing and transforming movement data into meaningful and actionable insights. Working with the leading global brands such as Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Netflix, Daimler, Siemens, and over 500 sports teams, we are creating extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward. To learn more, visit https://www.movella.com.  


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