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Quick Facts

Step 1

The Diamond Allegiance needed a powerful and accurate solution to help them track and analyze player performance.

Step 2

They integrated RomAI, PitchAI, and HitAI from 3motionAI's 3DNeuroNet Engine into their CURVE platform.

Step 3

Utilizing the 3DNeuroNet Engine has increased the ability of their platform to identify areas for improvement and drive player development.

The Diamond Allegiance is an elite-level travel baseball organization that strives to drive player development and provide better value for players, parents, coaches, and organizations through partnerships, technology, and philanthropy.

When it came to tracking and analyzing player performance, the Diamond Allegiance knew they needed a powerful and accurate solution to help them reach their goals. That’s where 3motionAI’s 3DNeuroNet Engine came in.

The Lead Up

The Diamond Allegiance was looking for a way to embed analytics insights into their CURVE platform to generate the CURVE score, a measure of player performance. This would allow them to get critical insights on how to improve player performance for all ages. However, they needed a solution that was both low-cost and lab-grade, so they turned to 3motionAI.

Our team worked with the Diamond Allegiance and came up with a technical plan on what integrations are most relevant and critical to the success of their users; landing on RomAI, PitchAI, and HitAI to be best suited for their needs.

3motionAI recognized the opportunity to provide organizations like the Diamond Allegiance with access to low-cost lab-grade data analysis. “AI technology and lab-grade biomechanics insights are typically accessible to organizations with vast capital and technical resources,” Reed Hanoun, CEO of 3motionAI said. “Our goal is to provide the Diamond Allegiance access to lowcost lab-grade data analysis, allowing instant assessment of a player’s performance – easily secured from a cell phone, allowing data gathering anytime, anywhere.


The Diamond Allegiance integrated 3motionAI’s 3DNeuroNet Engine into their CURVE platform, allowing them to instantly assess player performance using lab-grade data analysis.

This technology provided the Diamond Allegiance with accurate and reliable insights on player performance, helping them to identify areas for improvement and drive player development.
AI-assisted smart lessons, powered by 3motionAI and the 3DNeuroNet Engine, help comprise a safe and balanced 12-month individualized player development program powered by CURVE.

By combining state-of-the-art human motion technology with premium on-field instruction, the Diamond Allegiance was able to ensure that baseball's next generation of players received top-of-the-line development.

Looking to the Future

Thanks to the help of 3motionAI's 3DNeuroNet Engine:

They drive this impact through a powerful mix of partnerships, services, technology, and philanthropy.

Why We Do It

Simply, we want to put this technology in the hands of those who can run with it. Matt Gerber and the Diamond Allegiance show us the incredible utilization of plugging in the 3DNeuroNet Engine and increasing the ability of their platform to identify areas for improvement and drive player development.

“This implementation of 3motionAI’s 3D-NeuroNET is a game-changer for the development of all the players within our ecosystem,” said Matt Gerber, Head of Player and Business Development of the Diamond Allegiance. “This technology will provide our staff with insights to provide each player with a comprehensive evaluation. Our organization and our players will benefit tremendously from this partnership.”