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Improving Remote Musculoskeletal (MSK) Healthcare.

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Quick Facts

Step 1

PT Genie needed a robust and accurate solution to drive change in their industry.

Step 2

They integrated 32 different tests from 3motionAI's 3DNeuroNet Engine.

Step 3

Utilizing PT Genie lead to 60% faster recovery and 90% increase in patient satisfaction.

PT Genie, a division of Genie Health, is an innovative provider of physical therapy and healthcare services, delivering turnkey solutions for quality musculoskeletal (MSK) care and patient engagement using advanced technologies.

As a company that tracks and analyzes human motion, PT Genie knew they needed a robust and accurate solution to drive change in their industry.

That is where 3motionAI’s powerful 3DNeuroNet Engine for motion performance came into play — providing instant, actionable and easy-to-assess metrics.

3motionAI delivered a solution with deep data, end analysis, and extensive granular summary reporting functionality, providing deep insights on range-of-motion, elbow, neck and back positions.

The PT Genie mobile app and platform enables remote patient monitoring and the monetization of a home exercise program (HEP) using the latest 2D technology. It is tailored to help capture, document, and bundle remote patient monitoring (RPM/RTM) and telehealth codes. The singular digital platform is advancing remote musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare across the United States.


PT Genie wanted to enhance its video assessment technology for deeper, more effective patient assessments and analysis. 3motionAI offered a solution that they could go to market with quickly and that would offer 3D analysis of 2D images. They knew 3motionAI’s technology was more sophisticated than what is currently available in the market, so their decision to partner with them was simple.

Enabling Patient First Methodologies

PT Genie integrated 3motionAI’s 3DNeuroNet Engine, with its powerful AI and computer vision technology into their platform.

Using the 3DNeuronet Engine, enabled RomAI, an advanced movement analysis module that encompasses library of functional movements, sports-specific movements, and range of motion. Genie Health selected 32 different tests within RoMAI, securing a handful that they felt were most applicable to their business model.

Genie Health’s platform boasts biometric tracking and analysis, coupled with 2D video systems to significantly improve their healthcare provider workflow and delivery in MSK assessment, occupational health, and sports medicine.



Their platform allows for secure and organized communication, telehealth and remote monitoring of the home exercise program (HEP) for a single provider or team of providers.



PT Genie can grow a clinic’s virtual capabilities without adding fixed costs. Brick-and-mortar growth can be expensive and comes with guaranteed operational overhead. Their flexible model for physical therapy utilizing telehealth, and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) means new revenue at higher profit margins.

Substantial Patient and Practitioner Improvements

Through utilizing PT Genie, partners and patients have achieved:

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faster recovery
0 %
reduction in pain
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increase in patient satisfaction
They are one of only a few in the PT market that can digitally assess MSK problems and provide customized remote rehabilitation.
Physical therapists and athletic trainers have been able to deploy the digital platform efficiently and with compliance rates approaching 75%.
They are now focused on delivering digital MSK solutions in three categories – physical therapy, MSK virtual injury risk assessment and occupational health risk management, which is reflected in its sub brands, PT Genie, Sports Genie and WoRx genie.

PT Genie is enabling physical therapists and physicians with access to AI and computer vision via 3motionAI’s 3DNeuroNet Engine to help drive engagement, better outcomes, and enhanced revenue through their remote therapeutic monitoring platform.

Here’s what PT Genie customers are saying


Annie R

Would Use Again

I was happy I could do it from home and the system was easy to use. If I needed to have any future therapy, I would use this system again.


Sean L

Easy to Use

I enjoyed the system based on the ease of use and ability to do it from home. Was motivated to continue and was able to see my progress, and if needed anything my therapist could adjust remotely without having to make a trip to the doctor office.


Bruce P

Faster & Better

I love PT Genie! This is my second shoulder replacement and I truly believe that I have recovered faster and better than anyone I know who has had shoulder surgery. I can do my sessions anywhere. Having access to the provider each week has been extremely helpful. I did not have this weekly support with my first surgery. I am a PT Genie evangelist.